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The Youth Orchestra (YO) is the premier ensemble of the FWYO program. YO is a full orchestra that performs standard, professional-level orchestral repertoire, including full symphonies, concertos and overtures.


The Philharmonic Orchestra (PHIL) is an advanced intermediate ensemble that introduces the full orchestra experience to students, preparing them for participation in FWYO’s Youth Orchestra. PHIL performs an appropriate assortment of orchestral music, including intermediate standard repertoire and arrangements of symphonies, concertos and overtures.


The String Orchestra (SO) is a string-only ensemble whose members have had introductory orchestral experience and who have intermediate skills in bowing techniques and reading music.


The Junior String Orchestra (JSO) is a string-only ensemble designed for an introductory orchestral experience for string players with intermediate skills in bowing techniques and reading music.


All members of the YO and the PHIL are eligible to participate in the Chamber Music Program. The ensemble curriculum is comprehensive and includes bi-weekly coaching, special performance opportunities and master class sessions. The Chamber Ensembles perform in a variety of settings and venues as well as many community events.

The Suzuki program is a private lesson program offered through FWYO for violin, viola and cello students. In addition to private lessons, group lessons and early childhood music or theory/ear training classes are also offered for students studying the Suzuki Method.

Fort Worth Youth Orchestra's (FWYO) Suzuki School offers an early childhood music class for infants through early elementary-aged children. Using a combination of classical and traditional folk music, children learn to listen, analyze, sing, move, and play; thus creating a musical foundation that encourages a natural transition to the study of classical music and prepares them for future training in the Suzuki Program as well as FWYO’s Orchestras.

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