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The Chamber Music Program of the Fort Worth Youth Orchestra offers a unique opportunity for an individual student to study, to rehearse, and to perform with a small group or ensemble.  It is open to all string, piano harp, woodwind, brass, and percussion players within the greater Fort Worth area. The Chamber Music Program provides students with the opportunity to further develop their musical abilities, improve their performance confidence, and develop interpersonal skills within small group settings.  They are coached by well-known musicians from the surrounding metroplex.


Chamber groups rehearse on a weekly basis to coincide with our orchestra rehearsal schedule. Eight of the rehearsals a semester will be lead by a chamber music coach. Each group will rehearse on its own for the remaining rehearsals, working on material as assigned by their coach. Rehearsals and lessons are scheduled by the coordinator using the availability submitted on your application. Coaches, parents and students may not move the time of rehearsals and lessons once they have been set without approval by the coordinator.

Professional musicians will coach chamber music groups organized by the FWYO Chamber music program. Coaches will rehearse their assigned group in eight rehearsals during the fall semester and eight rehearsals during the spring semester. Parents and students may or may not be given advanced notice about which weeks coaches will help at rehearsals. Students are expected to attend all rehearsals and rehearsal as normal weather or not a coach is present.

There will be several opportunities for performance throughout the year. Each ensemble will also be assigned to perform in at least one community event each year, as well as before some orchestra concerts. Toward the end of the spring semester we also put on group recital at the Piano Pavilion of the Kimbell Center. Families are expected to make every effort to accommodate the group's obligations - in such a small group, 100% attendance is always expected.

The ensemble experience is dependent on the commitment and attendance of each member to both rehearsals and performances. More than three absences will result in dismissal from the group for the remainder of the semester. In the event of an absences you are responsible for notifying the chamber music coordinators, your coach and all fellow ensemble members.

All students and families are expected to conduct themselves in a collegial and cooperative manner. Communication and commitment among Chamber Music ensemble members and coaches is extremely important to the success of the group.

Students who have auditioned and been accepted in Youth Orchestra or Philharmonic Orchestra are eligible for chamber music participation on the basis of acceptance for a place in the orchestra. Placement in an ensemble will be based on the recommendation of the orchestra director. Students not in our Youth Orchestra program may be asked to audition live for send in a recording for placement.


Students will be assigned to ensembles by the chamber music coordinator. FWYO Chamber Music will make every effort to place individual players into ensembles with whom they may feel most comfortable; pre-formed groups are also encouraged to register. Requests will be considered, but we cannot guarantee everyone’s requests will be met.

Total tuition fee for the academic year is $200.00. Deposit of $50.00 is due by August 15th. Remaining tuition of $150.00 is due by September 1st. (Instructions for making payments will be emailed to you after you complete the online registration.)

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