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Orchestra Hall
Facility Rental

FWYO's Orchestra Hall has a long history as a performing arts venue in southwest Fort Worth. It is an ideal performance and rehearsal space for orchestras, concert bands, piano studios, dance studios, chamber music ensembles, soloists, among many other possibilities. Orchestra Hall is also a unique workspace for collaboration, business meetings, and conferences.

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Available Spaces

Auditorium – Performances, recitals, rehearsals, lectures;

capacity 385, 8800 sq ft

Betty Utter Room – Recitals, rehearsals, sectionals, meetings, receptions (kitchen attached); capacity ~45, 708 sq ft

Conference Room – Meetings, presentations; seats ~25, 418 sq ft


West Room – Rehearsals, sectionals, meetings;

capacity ~40, 707 sq ft

East Room – Rehearsals, sectionals, meetings;

capacity ~30, 550 sq ft

Composers' Room – Rehearsals, sectionals, meetings;

capacity ~20, 400 sq ft

Auditorium 1
Auditorium 2
Betty Utter Room
Conference Room
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