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FWYO Suzuki Fall Registration Open!

FWYO Suzuki registration for the 2023-2024 season is now open! FWYO Suzuki is a unique program that combines both lessons, group classes, and parent involvement to nurture a child and their love of music.

FWYO Suzuki offers instruction on violin, viola, and cello. As in traditional methods of instruction, students take weekly private lessons with their assigned teacher at FWYO’s Orchestra Hall, but they also have the option to attend weekly group classes. These weekly classes enhance the learning process by offering many benefits, such as social interaction, orchestral readiness, leadership, application of musicianship & music theory concepts, performance experience, and many more!

Playing with other students is often a favorite part of a child’s music education, as it solidifies the material learned in the private lesson and reinforces it in fun, new ways! Group classes form the core of our FWYO Suzuki community, and friendships forged through Suzuki group often continue as the students advance through the books, and even into the FWYO orchestra program.

FWYO Suzuki also values Parent inclusion in the learning process. A parent’s presence, attention, support, and many other qualities create what we call the “parent environment for learning.” We believe that parent involvement is crucial to your child’s success, and we find that both the student and the parent enjoy sharing in the musical journey together.

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To register your child and create an FWYO account, click below:

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