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Suzuki Student Lesson Registration Request

Suzuki registration can be done through the FWYO Knack Database.


Step 1: Log-in here if you already have an FWYO account or click "sign up" on the log-in page to create an account.

Step 2: Under "Student", either ADD a student or EDIT to update student details. If you add a student, you may need to reload the page. Note you can add additional students to your account here if you have multiple children to enroll.

Step 3: Click "Register for Suzuki." Students registered to your account should appear. Click on "Register" in the appropriate column for the class you are registering for.


Note that you must have permission for Private Lesson Only or Group Lessons Only. New Suzuki students and parents are encouraged to apply for the New Parent Class that will start Suzuki on a trial basis.

Suzuki Step 4.png

Step 4: Fill out the registration info, read and agree to our policies, choose your payment terms, and sign the document and hit "submit."

Step 5: Enter info to pay the $40 registration fee


Step 6: You should receive an email confirming your registration request.


At this point, please wait for our Suzuki Coordinator to approve your request and assign you a teacher. Requests take 2-5 days to be fulfilled by our Suzuki Coordinator.


If you have not heard from us within a week, please reach out to or call/leave a message at 817-923-3121 x14

Once you are approved, you may pay tuition online by going to or clicking the Login button at the top of any page

For problems with registration, please reach out to Alice Liu at

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