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In conjunction with the Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto, Canada Music Development Program

LAUNCHING 2017-2018! 

The Music Development Program of the Fort Worth Youth Orchestra will be a branch of classes designed to help our students match the development of their playing abilities in music theory, music history, and aural skills. Beginning with music theory in 2017-18, students will have an opportunity to have a class before or after their orchestra rehearsal, making it easy for parents to add quality music enrichment to their child's schedule. All music majors in a university setting must have working knowledge and skills in the three areas we will eventually cover, and increased knowledge in these areas will make life as a music major much easier.



To strengthen and enrich the musical understanding of our orchestral and Suzuki students through a series of progressive, cumulative theory classes.



Tuition for the full year will be $150. Students will be required to purchase a theory workbook from Royal Conservatory’s MDP.  Levels Prep-3 are $17.95, levels 5-7 are $19.95, and level 8 is $26.95. Each class will be 30 minutes, and there will be 32 classes offered throughout the school year.



The theory classes will focus on the categories included in the standard Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) assessments, which are pitch & notation, signs & symbols, rhythm & meter, intervals & scales, keys & chords, aural skills, and terminology.  Specific examples of rhythm analysis, harmonic analysis, and melodic material will come from the orchestral repertoire of each ensemble.  FWYO conductors will suggest portions of music for the class to analyze.  The music students will not have instruments out during class, as the focus will be on reading and interpreting their scores accurately through mental practice and theory analysis.  This thoughtful approach to the music they are performing will develop our students to be highly sensitive and effective musicians. The more they know about music theory, the more benefit they receive from their private instrumental lessons. All young musicians planning to major in music performance or music education should prepare themselves with theory training prior to the start of their higher education career. Theory placement testing at university, college, or conservatory environments often occur at the time of audition or start of the school year. Any in-depth Music Theory study will enable those not studying music in college an advantage in life experience and fuller enjoyment and understanding of music throughout their lives. Faculty members will assign Theory students to the appropriate level of study and will assist Theory Students in determining the appropriate class time.



The material covered in the courses will prepare students to take the RCM assessments, if they choose.  Tests are offered at least three times a year and passing scores can be transferred into homeschool class credit.  The highest tests can even prepare students for earning college credit on an AP test.  Parents are welcome to register for tests to experience the process and learn along with their student.



The faculty will be featuring guest appearances by theory professors from local universities and colleges, especially for the level 7 and 8 students who may be college-bound for music.  Our teachers will not be gathering and grading homework each week.  Rather, the students should complete the assigned homework, and check their answers with the answer key, which will stay at Orchestra Hall.  Any questions that were incorrect may be brought up for special discussion in class. The Theory Faculty will be announced soon!


Online Registration Form Coming Soon!
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