The Fort Worth Youth Orchestra Parents' Guild was created and organized in November of 1971 by the FWYO Board of Directors for the purpose of providing volunteer support for FWYO activities. Support activities shall include (i) volunteerism for FWYO activities, (ii) organization of Special Events to raise money for FWYO tours, and (iii) organization of hospitality events for FWYO musicians. The Parents' Guild Meetings are held the first rehearsal of each month, in a typical year.  During this 20-21 season, we are holding virtual zoom meetings on an as-needed basis.


Membership is expected of all families in our program. Yearly Dues are $25 payable to FWYO Parents' Guild.  Meetings on the first rehearsal of each month in the Betty Utter Room at the beginning of the YO rehearsal will resume when it is safe to do so.


Our 2020–2021 Elected Officers:

·    Shaunda Beth Espina, Past President and FWYO Board Member

·    Diana DiCesare, President

·    Vacant, Vice President

·    Vacant, Treasurer

·    Vacant, Secretary


For questions, interest in joining our leadership team please contact us at


Another way ALL PARENTS/FAMILIES/FRIENDS of the FWYO can help out is by joining GoodSearch. This simple internet search engine can be set to be your primary search engine for your internet browsing (similar to Google, Yahoo, etc.). Once you have signed up, every search you do using GoodSearch earns the FWYO PG 1cent; plus you can use the GoodShop function to do your online shopping/trip planning, etc. while getting access to special coupons and special deals. Purchases made via GoodShop pay back a percentage to the FWYO. We all use the internet why not sign up today and help the FWYO in your daily activities? Click on the video link below to see how it all works: